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N.º: 4.276
Nome: Maria Manuela Rodrigues

Data: 04-11-2022

Serviço competente
N.º: 4.275
Nome: Raj Navichandra

Data: 22-10-2022

Delivery as stated on website.
PC runs as expected and for the purpose of which I bought the PC for, which has left me satisfied.
PC case for me as a whole has too much branding which was a downside but regardless I got the PC to run programs not for the looks, but one good thing about the looks is the RGB which is pretty much just eye candy. the PC is quiet which is also a good feat as a whole.
N.º: 4.274
Nome: Harrison Eaton

Data: 24-06-2024

Great service. Recently purchased my first PC through PCS, they were great through the whole process and kept me really well informed of which stage my build was at.. I cant recommend them enough and I'll definitely be using PCS again in the future.
N.º: 4.273
Nome: Steve Walker

Data: 16-06-2024

This is PC/laptop number 8 from this fantastic company.
Whenever I've had issues, they've been on the ball resolving them.

This new system is as quiet as a mouse and really quick in comparison to what I've had before.

I know I could have spent a lot more, but this is perfect for what I need.
N.º: 4.272
Nome: Arvydas

Data: 10-06-2024

Recently my son's PC had a technical issue. Contacted PCS, guys were very helpful, advised over the phone what steps i should take to resolve the problem. It was beyond home fixing, so I had to send it to PCS. It was past the warranty, but they managed to replace faulty components without any extra cost- could not be happier. This was not my first time dealing with PCS and definitely would recommend. Professionals in their job!!!
Thank you so much!
N.º: 4.271
Nome: Jose Luis

Data: 07-06-2024

Everything was very good, the order arrived in approximately ten days, very well packaged.
The computer works perfectly and comes with all the components I ordered.
Very satisfied.
N.º: 4.270
Nome: Jason

Data: 01-06-2024

Fantastic service. Kept me updated every step of the way and the build that came was of the highest quality. Cable management excellent.

Can also only praise the customer service. A small issue I had with the Windows activation was resolved within five minutes of calling.
N.º: 4.269
Nome: Tim whelan

Data: 29-05-2024

Great experience from start to finish. Computer is excellent and the build quality is great. Would recommend
N.º: 4.268
Nome: David Dunham
Email: N/A

Data: 24-05-2024

I ordered a top spec (well, not quite; 4060 - it is predominantly required for data - rather than the 4090) customized Recoil17 on 18 May and received it this morning (24 May) in excellent packaging, and having been well updated at every stage of the process. EXCELLENT!!

Very pleased with the laptop, in addition to the service. Not sure there is much more needs saying. The form is great and it's damn swift (64Gb/5200 Corsair DDR5 RAM with an i9 149000HX cpu and 2TB M.2 SSD primary drive). I am very, very pleased with this purchase. No fuss, no mess, just the PC I ordered in good time.

N.º: 4.267
Nome: Mark
Email: N/A

Data: 23-05-2024

This is the 3rd PC I have ordered from PCSpecialist in the space of 15 years and I've been really impressed with the builds so far. The last one I ordered turned up today I'm extremely happy with it. I ordered it on Saturday and it was with me by Thursday and it was so easy to set up.