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N.º: 3745
Nome: george webster
Email: [email protected]

Data: 25-02-2021

Had delivery last week, very very pleased with my desktop PC. excellent service and updates of my order, will recomend you to all looking for a new PC
N.º: 3744
Nome: Dan
Email: [email protected]

Data: 24-02-2021

PCSpecialist's website was so easy to navigate, very informative, and very user friendly - as someone new to the details of computers and having to make decisions on specs, it was simple to compare and stay within my budget. I decided on the components and ordered some peripherals with my order too. Once I placed my order, building, testing, dispatch, and delivery were all super fast. I'm really satisfied with my computer and it definitely does what I got it for and passed all the tests I ran on it. Definitely recommend these guys - very helpful and always making sure you are accommodated when buying from them at all stages :')
N.º: 3743
Nome: Barnett Fam
Email: [email protected]

Data: 23-02-2021

We purchased a PC and was delighted with the service from start to (and including) delivery. So much so that my older son went on to purchase PC. The customer service / updates of how orders were progressing were brilliant and even though the 2nd PC took slightly longer to process we weren't worried as we were kept informed. They have set them up and enjoying them maybe too much as I have problems getting them off. So far so good all working well and as they should. Thanks for the great service and equipment.
N.º: 3742
Nome: Mike soar
Email: [email protected]

Data: 20-02-2021

Designed, bought, built, delivered on time. Now up and running, exactly what you want when paying out.
Excellent communication all the way through.
Genuine review for an extremely efficient company
N.º: 3741
Nome: Arthur Bliss
Email: [email protected]

Data: 19-02-2021

I have received my computer today and I must say the service has been very good. Delivery was exactly on time as advised.
thank you
N.º: 3740
Nome: Kyle Mitchelson
Email: [email protected]

Data: 15-02-2021

Ordered my first gaming PC January 22nd and it has just arrived February 19th. The process from start to finish has been excellent. I changed my specification a lot during the processing period and found changing from the 3060Ti to the 3070 speeded up the build. The PC was built, checked and dispatched within 2 days of my in build email. The packaging was perfect, just enough to keep everything safe but not too much that I'm filling my bin full of extra padding.

Cable management was perfect , and everything I needed to control the PC was fully set up for me out of the box. I honestly can not recommend this company enough. The waiting period some people will experience due to the lack of cards will be worth it I promise you.

Thank you to,

L. Shields for Building my PC , M. Barker for testing and quality checking & C. Humphreys for packing.
N.º: 3739
Nome: Philip Barker
Email: [email protected]

Data: 13-02-2021

I've had my new desktop PC for just over a week now. It's not a gaming machine and was customised to my exact specification. I have built PCs myself in the past but no longer feel confident enough to do so. It arrived the following day after despatch was confirmed by email and text. In fact, there were email communications every 5 days informing me of how my order was progressing. The PC arrived well packaged and in a very robust cardboard box. I was able to boot it up straight away with no problems.

All in all, everything went splendidly well and I am very pleased.

The entire process from order to delivery was very professional and well organised. I shall have no reservations whatsoever about using this company in the future.
N.º: 3738
Nome: Viv Griffin
Email: N/A

Data: 11-02-2021

I ordered an AMD Ryzen 7 workstation and was able to customise it to my exact requirements. I also sought advice during this process and the staff I spoke to were well informed and helpful. It did take longer than I expected for the PC to be built and delivered but, that is not really surprising in the current situation. I am very happy with the end result. The PC more than meets my expectations and is more than capable of the work I need it to do. I bought my NUC mini PC from you previously and have been very happy with that too. I would have no hesitation in recommending PC Specialist to others. Great customer service and well priced computers for the more discerning customers who cannot meet their requirements with the usual 'off the shelf' retail machines.
N.º: 3737
Nome: Ian Loveridge
Email: [email protected]

Data: 10-02-2021

Very happy to be able to keep track of my order as it progressed and even more happy to finally receive my PC.
On opening the case to add an extra SSD I was extremely pleased to see the care that had been taken to tidy the wiring behind the motherboard. It was a shame that I had to undo any of it as I will never get it so tidy again.

The PC is a beast and blows away my expectations on the quality of configuration and build.

Excellent job PCSpecialist. I've always built my own in the past, but the shortage of CPU\GPU meant that buying complete was the quickest option and I am glad I chose you.

Could not recommend more!

N.º: 3736
Nome: Paul
Email: [email protected]

Data: 09-02-2021

Ordered i9 PC with an Nvidia GTX 3070 0n 9/1/21. The card was on pre order and given the lack of availability everywhere, I was expecting a wait of about three months.

PC was a delivered less than 4 weeks later on 5 /2. This is the fifth PC/laptop I've bought from PC Specialist in the last 10 years All have been delivered quickly and all have been fully working until replaced.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service and quality if workmanship from PC Specialist.

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