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N.º: 3806
Nome: Jack Griffiths
Email: [email protected]

Data: 15-05-2021

Bought a laptop at a very good price from these guys, it got delivered today (A day after it was supposed to be built by), got to me extremely quickly and the customer service was exceptional.

Thanks to the team at PCSpecialist, such a great experience from start to finish!
N.º: 3805
Nome: William Rogers
Email: [email protected]

Data: 15-05-2021

The first time i used PCSpecialist, i spent time asking questions with sales and tech support whom was very helpful.
I bit the bullet and purchased the Recoil 17.3" (Clevo X170KM-G) with RTX 3070 and an i5 11400. It was delivered earlier then estimated, it also arrived in working order. Being this laptop was the first chassis based on Clevo i contacted them (Tech Support) again with questions which was answered with in minutes/hour in a polite manner.

I am overall happy with my purchase and will not only be purchasing upgrades for this system from them but using them for other systems for projects i have in the works.

Thank you PCS for being great.
N.º: 3804
Nome: Robert
Email: [email protected]

Data: 14-05-2021

I recently bought a computer & 2 screens from this company. All I can say is thanks delivered as agreed, they are very helpful. I would give them 10 out 10 brilliant thanks.
N.º: 3803
Nome: JohnB
Email: [email protected]

Data: 07-05-2021

This PC was my second purchase from PCSpecialist (PCS) and my confidence after the initial purchase some years ago was well found.

I used the “Build” function of the website to put together a PC that I thought would meet my demands and budget. I then emailed the proposed spec to PCS with a brief description of my workload and was delighted that a few changes would enhance performance and reduce the price!

Delivery was well within the time frame published and the PC was extremely well packed both internally and externally. Looking inside the layout was so tidy with all cables routed perfectly. I did, just to double check, secure on small cable slightly further away from a heatsink, but that was me being finicky!

The PC fired up and is so quiet with no hum on the audio at all. Photoshop is handled perfectly which is the primary use.

Thank you PCSpecialist.
N.º: 3802
Nome: Keith Fletcher
Email: [email protected]

Data: 05-05-2021

Had my new computer from PCS just over a week now.
My main priority was for it not to be a noisy computer.
Cannot believe how quiet it is!!
Hard to tell it is even on its so quiet.
Thanks to all at PCS.


K Fletcher
N.º: 3801
Nome: Shaun dc
Email: [email protected]

Data: 04-05-2021

Great service, system was quickly built and delivered within the expected time scale despite the current Covid situation.
N.º: 3800
Nome: Jan Robinson
Email: [email protected]

Data: 03-05-2021

Ordered a laptop to a spec worked out by my son (I'm too old to understand things technical). Delighted with it; it's fast, it's silent, it has everything I need, nothing I don't, and the instructions for setting it up were superb. Clear, concise, logical, helpful. It took a while to be built, which I quite understand in the current situation. However - be warned - DPD delivered it at 07:35!! Would most definitely recommend this company, and have no hesitation in using them in future.
N.º: 3799
Nome: James Skelton
Email: [email protected]

Data: 03-05-2021

Decided to buy from PCSpecialist on the 29/03 and was surprised to receive our completed laptop on 22/04, less than a month! All through the process we were given email updates to keep us informed of the progress in the set up. We received our laptop in excellent condition due to its packaging and only had one issue when setting up the laptop which was resolved within a minute of calling their help desk. Excellent customer care and an excellent laptop. We will recommend PCS to friends and family.
N.º: 3798
Nome: Fergal McGrath
Email: [email protected]

Data: 03-05-2021

I recently received my new pc which is to be primarily used for video editing and photo editing and I am so pleased with the performance and also the look of the computer- the computer did take 5 months to arrive from the date of order but this was down to the global shortage of the 3080 graphics card and the 5950x cpu. The communication from PCSpecialist could have been better on the status of the delays but anytime I contacted them they did reply ASAP with whatever information they had. I would highly recommended them for anyone looking to getting a new pc and the build and testing and delivery process was simple and straightforward and was done quickly. The build is impressive with great cable management to give a super clean look that I am proud to have on my desk.
N.º: 3797
Nome: Robert Hicks
Email: [email protected]

Data: 02-05-2021

Ordered a machine, and they did a nice job with processing - it is not "bargain basement" and the price is what it says on the tin. But you pay for what you get.

1) They deliver as fast as they can
2) Comms are good
3) Easy to load up first

I would buy again.

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