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N.º: 4.097
Nome: Maria Manuela Rodrigues

Data: 04-11-2022

Serviço competente
N.º: 4.096
Nome: Raj Navichandra

Data: 22-10-2022

Delivery as stated on website.
PC runs as expected and for the purpose of which I bought the PC for, which has left me satisfied.
PC case for me as a whole has too much branding which was a downside but regardless I got the PC to run programs not for the looks, but one good thing about the looks is the RGB which is pretty much just eye candy. the PC is quiet which is also a good feat as a whole.
N.º: 4.095
Nome: Tanya Tracey

Data: 24-11-2022

Fantastic service and excellent quality.
Having no clue about gaming pc's I was able to chat online with Dave who advised me on the best one to purchase for my son when I gave him the list of games he wanted to play online. The delivery was very fast and customer are is excellent also.
I would highly recommend purchasing from PCSpecialist.
N.º: 4.094
Nome: Umar Ali

Data: 11-11-2022

I have ordered 3 PC's and a laptop through PCSpecialist, and cannot recommend them highly enough. The process is simple, the prices are incredibly competitive and the service provided throughout is exemplary. I've recommended them to anyone looking to purchase an affordable but high quality machine. I'm looking to purchase another PC and laptop shortly and will definitely be using PCSpecialist again.
N.º: 4.093
Nome: Joe Hope

Data: 11-11-2022

I had a technical issue with my Pc . I phoned and received excellent technical support from DYLAN HO who walked me through resolving the problem with clear instructions and patience. Thank you so much for help Dylan , an excellent PCS team member !
N.º: 4.092
Nome: Nigel Mongan

Data: 07-11-2022

I have ordered four PC from PCSpecialist in the last 18 months. One had a motherboard failure after 11 months. The computer was still under warranty and the process to return and repair was simple. Within 10 days I had a fully repaired PC back on my desk. Outstanding service and communication throughout the process. Well done!!
N.º: 4.091
Nome: David Redmond

Data: 07-11-2022

I have to say in complete honesty I didn't know whether or not to purchase through PCSpecialist. But, when I purchased my first laptop which was an 17.3" Ionico Series gaming laptop I never doubted them after using it. Definitely a five out of five stars to PCSpecialist

Thank you!
N.º: 4.090
Nome: Jack

Data: 04-11-2022

Fast shipping came in 2 days
N.º: 4.089
Nome: Tadhg

Data: 27-10-2022

Website offered ease of selection of parts at the best available price. The pc was delivered in a timely manner alongside peripherals. Only negative I have is a monitor I ordered arrived damaged; whether that be from factory or transit unsure.
N.º: 4.088
Nome: Callum Blues

Data: 26-10-2022

Very quick and high quality manufacturing. PC came with tons of helpful leaflets and booklets letting me know exactly what does what. Packaging was incredibly secure however one of the feet on the case had been cracked. I believe this occurred in transit and had nothing to do with poor handling from anyone working on my PC.

PC performs like a beast, and has exceeded my expectations. I will be sticking with PCSpecialist for the foreseeable future thanks to their incredibly welcoming and approachable demeanour, as well as the high quality to which they manufacture their systems.